Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association 2019: Markets and Governments in Economic History


Atlanta, Georgia, 13 a 15 de Setembro de 2019

The theme for EHA 2019 is “Markets and Governments in Economic History.” The interactions between markets and governments are central issues in the organization of economies. From the beginning of time, groups of people had to decide whether to let their members trade resources and the fruits of their efforts freely or whether to distribute them in alternative ways in which the group set up rules for use and distribution of resources and output. Governments ranged from contractual states to predatory states based on the extent to which the participants negotiated the rules or a subset imposed their rules on others. As societies grew larger, the debates about capitalism, socialism, communism, manorialism, and other “isms” centered on the nexus between markets and governments. Within the last 250 years more governments have loosened the reins and given people more economic freedom to produce and trade more freely in markets. Even in those countries the interactions between markets and governments have been fluid as the interest groups in society have worked through the political process to provide more social insurance to protect against risk, established regulations, adjusted defense spending, solve new problems, or establish new rules that favor their position. The theme offers scholars a broad range of options for proposals. Papers on markets alone, governments alone, or other topics are also welcome.

Prazo de submissão: 31 de Janeiro de 2019

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